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Conference venue

The conference will be held in various locations in central Kalmar. Registration, lectures and panels will take place at Lorensbergskyrkan and the sessions at both Lorensbergskyrkan and Linnaeus University. The Time Travel event will be held at Lindö, a small island in the center of Kalmar. The venues for the evening events are still being decided.

Here is a map of Kalmar where you can see the conference venues, hotels, and the city center.


Every conference guest book and pay for their own accommodation. Kalmar offers a diverse range of hotels to fit all budgets, from hostels, to business hotels. However, there is another big conference in Kalmar the same week, so we recommend that you book your accommodation as soon as possible. 

We have made a group reservation at Kalmar Slottshotel, in their discount section. This is a nice hotel close to the castle and city center.
Price per room:
1 person 795 SEK/ night
2 persons 995 SEK/ night
3 persons 1195 SEK/ night
4 persons 1395 SEK/ night
Please mention “Bridging ages” when you make your booking.

The easiest way to book other hotels is to look at or similar booking sites. Due to the other conference we couldn't make a group reservation at the other hotels in the city center, but we were able to make group reservations at two little less central hotels: Scandic and Rasta. 

Scandic Hotel
Price: 1.190 SEK /night/ singleroom.
Please mention “Bridging Ages” when you book.

If you are interested in a cheaper option, we can recommend Hotell Svanen:
Hotell Svanen is a hostel/hotel that offers different room categories, from 195 SEK /night /person (shared room, no breakfast or linen included) to their best rooms from 775 SEK /night  (single room, breakfast, linen and more included). More info can be found on their website:



Full registration includes dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, but for those who wish to explore the Kalmar cuisine, here is a list of local restaurants and cafes.


Getting to Kalmar

You can travel to Kalmar by car, train, bus or air. There are bus routes from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and daily train connections from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö/Copenhagen. Find information about trains from Skånetrafiken (southern Sweden and Copenhagen) or SJ (the rest of Sweden). The Copenhagen train stops at Kastrup Airport for connection to international flights. Kalmar Öland Airport is just a ten-minute drive or bus ride (city bus number 402) from the city centre and there are several daily flights from Stockholm Arlanda and Stockholm Bromma. From Arlanda, there are also connections to international flights. 


Getting around in Kalmar

Use the city buses to get around in Kalmar. Visit Kalmar county transport to find the current bus schedules. If you prefer getting around by taxi, you can order a taxi by calling one of these numbers: +46 480 44 44 44, +46 480 42 41 00 or +46 480 16 000. 


About Kalmar

Kalmar is a city in the southeast of Sweden, situated by the Baltic Sea. The city has 48,000 inhabitants, and the municipality has a total of 65,000 inhabitants. Kalmar is the capital of Kalmar County, which comprises 12 municipalities with a total of 236,000 inhabitants. From the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries, Kalmar was one of Sweden's most important cities. Kalmar is known for its historic structures, cobblestone streets and picturesque neighborhoods. If you've got the time, you could visit Kalmar Castle, Kalmar Cathedral or the Old Town. For more information on Kalmar, see



The official language in Sweden is Swedish, but English is taught as a second language in school, and most Swedes can speak and understand English very well. 



The monetary unit in Sweden is the krona (plural “kronor”) and equals 100 öre. Bank notes are printed in values of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kronor, coins in 1, 5 and 10 kronor. Major credit cards (some restriction may apply to American Express) are widely accepted throughout Sweden at hotels, stores, restaurants, transports, etc. You can get cash with your credit card at the ATM:s, called “Bankomat” or “Uttagsautomat”. 



The Swedish climate is much milder than might be expected at this latitude. Kalmar is actually one of the places in Sweden with the most sun hours. In September, the average temperature is usually around 13°C, but it can reach above 20°C on a sunny day. 


Time zone

Sweden is in the Central European Time Zone.



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